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Senior Portrait Ideas

Sujata Iyer Feb 28, 2020
Exploring different ideas is what you should do instead of settling for boring old yearbook photos. Here are some creative senior portrait ideas.
The practice of clicking senior pictures at the end of the senior year is definitely evolving. Gone are the days when a yearbook consisted of photos of the students in their cheer leading or sports team outfits.
Nowadays, students are more open to unique, fun and different portrait ideas. Here, you'll find some helpful tips for senior pictures, and also some ideas that you may want to use for yourself.

Senior Portraits

The senior picture in your yearbook is going to be the one connection that you're going to leave behind with your school. The school that transformed you from a fussy toddler, to a mature young man or woman, who is ready to take on the world!
So, it is obvious that in 15 years, when you look into your yearbook, you would want to see a good picture of yourself, one that you won't regret, and begin the 'then & now' comparisons. For this, you need to take care of the minutest details, so that nothing can go wrong.
This involves everything from what to wear for the picture, to where to click it, to what kind of poses you can use in the picture. That's what we'll help you with, so don't worry!

Ideas for Girls

Go Green!: Choose a park with a huge lush green lawn or one that is lined with trees, which have dried leaves fallen beneath them. Either go in for an early morning picture, as the sun rises, or take one at dusk.
The clothes for this idea can be a simple pair of jeans, and a top in a rust or golden-yellow color. Wear a brown jacket with it, and a pretty woolen muffler around your neck, to keep the biting cold out.
Let your hair down loose, or just clip the front hair. You can strike a pose leaning one shoulder or your back on the bark of a tree. If there are no trees, you can sit on the grass, or lie on your stomach with your face held up in your hands, elbows resting on the grass.
Arty Smarty: If you're more into arty stuff, then this one's a good idea for you. Choose a room that has a dark wall for a background. Dark meaning blue, chocolate-brown, black, or a deep olive-green and the like. 
Now, scrounge around for a huge chair with upholstery that contrasts the wall and has a simple classy design. Yellow, cream, beige, light gold are colors you can choose. For clothes, you can try out long gown that match your ambiance.
Or, you can also have a violent contrast with the background. Go for colors that do not match the ambiance at all! Accessorize yourself accordingly. For the pose, you can sit with your legs hanging down on one side of the chair. Or strike a majestic pose, with your legs crossed and your hands on the arm-rests.

Ideas for Guys

Fast n Furious: Boys love cars. And we guess you're the same. So how about incorporating this love for cars in your senior portrait? Chose a car that you want to pose with. It could be your own, a family member's, a friend's, or one straight out of a car dealer's showroom.
Just pick the car, and inform the concerned person that you would like to click a picture with it. Next stop, clothes! The clothes that you wear should match and complement the car. To increase the aesthetic value of the picture, you can have a contrasting effect.
If you've chosen an SUV, wear formal clothing, and if you've chosen a subtle sedan, go in for casual wear like jeans, a t-shirt, and an open buttoned shirt over it. For the pose, you can sit on the car or stand near it. The photographer will see to it that YOU remain the focus of the picture.
Up or Down?: Choose a dimly lit, narrow stairwell for this idea. Brownstone preferably, with the stone markings clearly visible. If you're in any sports team at school, you can use the respective sport related item as a prop.
And if you're more into indoor activities like painting or literature, you can use a palette and easel, or a book as a prop. If you're going with the sports prop, wear formal trousers with a shirt and tie in light colors to contrast the dark stairway.
And if you're going with the book or palette, then wear casual attire. This idea displays a favorable blend of two sides of your character; the carefree and the mature.
There are many more ideas that you can try out for the perfect senior portrait. These were just a few. Just make sure you identify with the kind of image you'll be creating for yourself with this picture. It's going to be your identity, locked away in a book forever!