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Senior Picture Ideas for Boys

Puja Lalwani
For such an important time in your life, choosing from a variety of ideas for senior pictures will help you come up with some great photographs that you will cherish for a lifetime. Take a look at some of the ideas presented in this story to decide one for your own.
All of us are aware of the beauty of a photograph, and that it can speak a lot more than words. Therefore, you would definitely like your senior year picture to speak about your personality. This picture is meant to capture the transformation of a teen from high school, moving on to embrace the college life and a full-fledged career.
There are certain tips that ensure that you have the perfect memories captured for a lifetime. All of you will definitely be on the lookout for such tips because a senior picture means a lot to every student. Here are some ideas for guys that will help you have the perfect photography session.

Choosing the Photographer

The best and most creative pictures of you can be generated if you get yourself photographed by a different photographer. If the same guy clicks photographs for all the guy, then it is natural for all of them to appear similar, or have an underlying similar quality.
Therefore, choose a photographer who will not only be creative, but will also make you comfortable, and bring out the best in you that will reflect in your pictures.

Choosing a Location

The location is very essential, and will make a lot of difference in the quality of the photograph. For instance, rugged outdoor locations will look highly aesthetic, such as in the thicket of trees in the woods, by a lake against some rocks, in the ruins of an old building, or against the mountains where one would usually go trekking.
On the other hand, indoor locations could provide a more versatile backdrop as they can be created or used in their authenticity. Your school library, the mall, your own house, the school classroom, cafeteria, etc. can all be chosen as appropriate locations for your pictures.
A basic tip when it comes to deciding these locations, is to choose one that is reminiscent of some great memories. Utilizing such elements of photography largely adds value of the photograph.

Choosing an Outfit

The clothing for the pictures will depend a lot on the location of the photograph. However, the basic idea is to be comfortable in whatever you wear. Don't get too formally or uncomfortably dressed, or wear clothes that you don't like, or else you would regret it later in your life when you see these pictures.
Even if you wear the most worn out pair of your favorite jeans you will feel comfortable, and this will help you come up with a great photograph. For the outdoors, cargos or jeans with your favorite t-shirt and a jacket will do well. The weather will also matter. You cannot be dressed in a summer outfit during the winters.
Wear a simple cardigan with a pair of jeans and a good pair of sneakers or shoes.
If you are getting yourself clicked indoors, you may want to be formally dressed, but there is no need for that. Senior pictures are meant to capture you exactly the way you were during those days. If formal has been your style all along, then stick to it. If not, don't try it now.
When considering the different outfit ideas for senior pictures, always remember to accessorize a little. A scarf, a hat, or an item that defined the person you were in high school are appropriate accessories to pose with.
For instance, if you had an inclination towards music, you could pose with a musical instrument of your choice, with sports equipment, with books, with your pet, or with your favorite car or bike.

Posing for Senior Pictures

At the cost of repetition, these pictures are meant to capture you in your element, so posing dramatically (unless you are very dramatic by nature) is not going to look very charming. Being your natural self, portraying your attitude, and your personal style are elements that will help you capture your essence.
Also, smiling in every picture is not essential, neither is looking directly at the camera. A natural pose is perfect instead of all those portrait poses, and can be brought out well by your photographer. If you like a pose in a particular magazine or so, you can choose to replicate it in your senior pictures.
Combining all these tips and ideas will help you capture and collect some great memories of your senior year. Be yourself in these pictures, and have them clicked only when you feel good about yourself.
All this is so that, when you look back in time, you will be able to see how much of that guy you have been able to retain, and how much of him you have let go.