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Senior Photography Project Ideas

Sujata Iyer Mar 3, 2020
There are tons of ideas for photography projects that you as a senior can explore to express whatever it is you want through your pictures. This story will help you with some that might kindle your interest.
Photography is one of the most interesting subjects that one can opt for, especially at a level as thrilling as senior year! There's so much to learn, so much to uncover, so much to discover and so much to document. Some may be things that are around us but we hardly notice them and some may be things that have just transformed into something new and beautiful.
A photography project has got to be one of the best projects ever! Keeping the technical details aside for the moment, this PhotograFeed article will give you some ideas on the concepts that you can use for a photography project that is due. They're simple to understand as well as go ahead with.


Contrast has always been one of the most interesting phenomena to photograph. No surprise, then, that it makes it to this article, right?
For your photography project, you can have a string of photographs that depict a natural contrast, not something that you engineered. Something that happened naturally and was charmingly contrasting. This will become evident in the images given ahead.


In this image, you can see that there's a lone, vibrantly green sapling braving the parched earth and determined to grow out.
There's a perfect contrast between how dry the land is and how healthy the plant still looks. Nature works in mysterious ways, and this is a good example, don't you agree? You might need to look around carefully in arid regions where you live for something like this.

Cats and Dogs

For something on these lines, you'll have to hunt around for neighbors, friends, relatives who have a dog and a cat as a pet.
That's not enough though. You've got to hunt for a pair that enjoys each other's company. Only then will you have any chance of coming across something as adorable as this image. Given that dogs and cats are supposed to be sworn enemies, something of this sort would be an interesting take on their relationship, wouldn't it?

Size Doesn't Matter

As you can see, size really doesn't matter when it comes to friendship.
You can try out something similar or visit the local zoo or a safari to see if you can catch glimpses of such contrasting images. If you're lucky, you might catch a bird perched on an elephant (if your zoo has elephants) or a giraffe near a rabbit or something of the sort.

Colors Against Night Sky

There's something very enchanting about the night sky. Especially when there's no moon and the stars aren't visible. A clear night sky serves as a perfect backdrop for a lot of vivacious colors! So, if you can arrange it, you can have a project that revolves around different objects and images that look excellent against the night sky. Some examples are given here.


Probably everyone's first choice!
After all, what looks better against a backdrop of velvety blackness than an explosion of brightly colored lights? Little much. So, find out if there's going to be a fireworks display soon around your area. Visit it and get some good pictures clicked. If not, then you can buy and set off your own fireworks and click away!


Kites are another thing that look brilliant against the sky.
While most kites are flown in the daytime, and look awesome too, flying a couple of kites in the night or around dusk can render it some added color and substance. If you live around the beach, you can go for something like the image given here.

Paper Lanterns

Ah! Lanterns, paper lanterns!
How pretty they look, all decked up in their dashing colors and adorned with some superb lighting from within. Go to an area that has a lot of Asian population and you're sure to come across something like this. You can request your Asian friends to hang up their lanterns and string lights to help you with their project!

Small Joys

We've somehow become so wound up in the busy nature of our lives, that somewhere along the way, we've forgotten to appreciate the little things that can bring us pure happiness for that moment.
You'll find instances all around you about how people become happy with the tiniest things. Try and capture such moments as and when you come across them. They'll make a great concept for your photography project! Check out what we have ahead.

The Butterfly Effect

You can see the pure happiness glowing on this woman's face as she experiences the gentle tickle of the butterfly's wings fluttering in her hands.
You may not get something exactly like this, but you can surely try by visiting a park where butterflies are regular visitors. And if you're lucky, you'll get to capture a similar divine moment!

Pet Affection

Nothing needs to be said about this picture, does it?
You can see the absolute glee on the little girl's face as the adorable puppy slobbers her with love and affection. This is something that you can surely make happen. All you need is a cute puppy and a child who's willing to get licked like crazy!

Sharing is Caring

There's something about this shot of a mature couple playfully enjoying a slice of fruit, isn't there?
It screams mischief, love and a bond that has only strengthened over the years. The fine lines around both the people's eyes give it a look of aged understanding, something that comes only with experience.
This was just a snapshot of the different areas that you can delve into, while working on your senior photography project. Take some cues from it and you're sure to come up with something original that you'll be proud of! Good luck!