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Rainbow Photography Tips with Pictures

Amruta Joshi
When a rainbow appears, you don't have time to shoot it, so be ready with these helpful rainbow photography tips.
First of all, for stability you should use a tripod.
To enhance the rainbow's vibrations  you should use polarizing filter.
Dark clouds give an excellent background, so grab the opportunity to click.
You can prefer f/11 aperture, that gives you a good depth of field.
Make use of proper foreground to add beauty in rainbow picture.
The best time to capture a rainbow is often during sunrise or sunset.
For capturing full arc of the rainbow use wide angle lens.
You can capture the reflection of rainbow in the water.
Try illusion photography!
Don’t waste your time with autofocus, you’ll want to use manual focus.
Use zoom lens for capturing rainbows.
Use these tips and capture beautiful photo of a rainbow.