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Portrait Poses for Your Next Photography Session

Marlene Alphonse
When it comes to posing for portraits, people are usually confused and many think that they are not photogenic. You can improve your photography sessions with some poses. This post will give you some tips on portrait poses, that you may find useful for your photography sessions.
'What are the different portrait poses and how to pose for a photograph?' is a question many people would like to know the answer for. Posing for a portrait photography is an inherent part of photography which reflects the person's personality. A pose should complement the situation and subject.
If you go to a photographer for a portrait, he may expect you to know the basic skills of posing for a photographic session. You can enhance your overall personality and make your attitude and appearance look versatile by using these portrait photography tips.

How to Pose for a Portrait

Who wouldn't love to have a photograph that brings out the best in them? Well, for getting a picture-perfect image, you need to keep a few things in mind, in terms of clothing. background, lighting and the most important of them all, a good pose.
Here are a few portrait posing techniques that will help you in choosing different poses.

A very important factor of posing for portrait photography is, to choose an appropriate background. One must choose such a background that complements the subject and the photo.
When it comes to choosing a background for your portrait, try and choose a neutral and pleasant background according to the subject. Don't choose an inappropriate or wrong background as it may divert attention from the subject.
Backgrounds that are related to nature suits most of the poses and the studio may also offer a variety of this kind of options from which you can choose.
● As posture is a mandatory factor when it comes to posing for a photograph, it is important to have a correct pose for your portrait. Don't tense up your body. Rather, relax yourself before posing for a photograph.
The seating arrangement for a portrait should be appropriate. You can choose a stool or a chair that you find more comfortable, if you are sitting for a photo.
● Go through some of your old photographs and compare the differences. You may notice that some photographs are not up to the mark while some are good.
Analyze the reason for the photos not being good. It may be because of wrong background, hairstyle or the way you tilted your head, and try not to repeat them again while posing for your portrait.
● For getting different looks, you can pose your head accordingly. For a softer, effeminate look, tilt your head towards the camera, in the opposite way to either shoulder. You can also experiment with different expressions to suit your looks.
If you are standing, spread your legs a bit (hip width apart) to distribute your body weight and look relaxed. Wrists should be curled up or down, depending on if you are standing or sitting, to make it look more natural.
● Give a relaxed and warm expression or smile to get a good portrait pose. Your portrait will be spoiled if you force yourself to smile, so imagine something funny or entertaining if you don't feel like smiling.
Nothing is wrong in rehearsing your poses before you actually strike a pose in front of the camera. Who knows you may even end up with a unique pose.
● Another important point to remember while posing for portrait photography is that never stare directly or continuously into the lens of the camera. So divert your concentration to any distant object or try looking a little sideways to improve your looks.

Memories Frozen for Eternity







Dos and Don'ts for Portrait Poses

  • Lens plays an important role in capturing perfect images. So if you want your poses to be perfect, then choose a camera with best lens for portraits.
  • Don't slouch for a portrait as it will spoil your pose.
  • Be comfortable while giving a portrait pose as the more comfortable you feel with the photographer, your photograph will come out to be more relaxed and natural.
  • Add props to your portrait to give it a more creative look. You can also take along your pet for the photograph.
  • Get a good night's sleep the previous day before you go in for a photography session or else your drowsy look will spoil the portrait.
Come up with your own, unique poses for your portfolio and get ready to face the camera with a winsome smile on your face to freeze them for eternity... Say Cheese!