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Pictures of Monarch Butterflies for Your next Capture

Amruta Joshi

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The monarch butterfly is a milkweed butterfly and belongs to the Nymphalidae family.
Here are some eye catching pictures of the monarch butterfly for photography lovers.
You can capture photos of this beautiful butterfly on a flower. As K D Angelo says " No garden truly blooms until butterflies have danced upon it."
Focus on butterfly and keep the background blur.
A close-up picture of monarch butterfly which highlights its beauty.
For a perfect capture, try to keep camera parallel to the wings of the butterfly.
Try also capturing the beautiful colors around.
The best time for capturing is during the day lighting.
Technically, best butterfly pictures require good skills and knowledge.
You should keep your camera steady, so that butterfly doesn't get disturbed.
Wind speed of below 10-15kph is ideal for capturing.
Be patient while shooting butterflies, because it is continuously migrates.
The photographs captured in full sunlight are best captured.
Use macro photography technique so that butterfly is only focused and looks larger.
So use these tips and ideas for capturing monarch butterfly pictures.
And become an expert photographer. All the Best!