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Photography Tips for Ocean Pictures

Amruta Joshi
Here are some techniques you must know for ocean photography.
Due to moving body of water, ocean photography is different from landscape photography.
The ocean is a dangerous environment, so first of all be safe while capturing.
Use long exposure photography techniques for beautiful photos.
Try to capture incoming waves with the shutter speed of 0.2 – 1 second.
Use reflection photography technique and capture the perfect picture.
Try to capture at sunrise, sunset, high tide, low tide.
Focusing on the splash of the waves gives amazing photographs.
Try wide angle lens, and a telephoto for the beautiful view.
Using a flash is a great tip for taking ocean pictures, it gives fresh photos.
Use a polarized filter to adjust the light at the ocean.
Aerial photography is best idea for capturing ocean.
So try these tips and techniques for your next photoshoot...