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Photography Project Ideas

Puja Lalwani
With an upcoming photography project due, you probably need the perfect idea you can represent through your pictures. Find some interesting photography project ideas in this story.
All you creative photography professionals and amateurs know the value of a good photograph, that a photograph can speak a thousand words, that your interpretation of a picture is going to be way different from the interpretation of a layman.
This is what photography elicits from both, the professional and the layman - different points of view on a modest subject, which is usually overlooked in the rut of daily life. For those of you on a lookout for some great photography project ideas, here is a vast array of subjects you may not have considered previously.

Ideas for a Photography Project

Always keep in mind that a photography project is not valued only by the quality of photographs, but also by the theme that your photographs are centered on. Furthermore, the way you perceive the subject is important. 
As a creative professional, you are expected to have a viewpoint that is completely different from the common perception of a subject. On the other hand, you could speak for a million people through your photographs. Whatever your endeavor, know that your project has to be special, that it has to stand out. Use some of the following ideas to achieve this.

A Day in the Life of a Baby

You would wonder whether there is anything interesting to capture in a day in the life of a baby.
Right from the time a baby awakens in the morning, to her/his shower, breakfast, play time with mom, dad or anyone, to a picture while she/he is napping; all of these make for a perfect photography project. Take her/him outdoors and watch her/him enjoy with nature. Try to capture a picture of her/him sneezing, coughing, yawning, smiling, crying, etc.
With the use of various photography techniques, put your vision into the project, and you will be able to come up with a masterpiece.

Simply Shoes

Unless you are a fashion photographer, perhaps you have not given much thought to photographing shoes. Make an attempt to click pictures of shoes of different types.
From formal black shoes of a businessman, to canvas shoes of a teenager, to torn and tattered shoes of a pauper, to pretty ballet flats of a woman, to the squeaky shoes of a baby, there is an endless variety of subjects within a larger subject. Also, the angle from which you click the pictures matters.
For instance, you could have a blank canvas, such as green grass, and have the top of a shoe peeping from its edge, a pair of legs spread out in air, a pair of clean, shining shoes placed in the ruins of an old building, the reflection of a pair of shoes in a mirror, a slipper lying carelessly on the beach, etc.
Get creative and put your heart and soul in this project.

Mouth-watering Food

Food photography is a little challenging because of the light intensity that tends to alter the look of the food such as dessert (ice cream, etc.).
Yet, it is one of the most appealing subjects from the point of view of a photographer as well as the foodie, which most of us are. Now within this niche, there are several things to consider. For instance, you could photograph only dessert, from a simple piece of chocolate, to an elaborate chocolate dessert.
This could be your theme, from simple to elaborate; from a plate of mac-n-cheese, to a scrumptious steak dinner, to dessert or an entire seven course dinner.

The Smaller Things in Life

A lot of the smaller things in life go unnoticed by us, and as a photographer, you are perhaps obliged to find these smaller things and appreciate them.
What are these things? A key that opens the door to your home, car or office, a screw that holds a table together, a thread that holds a dress together, the oil that keeps a machine running, salt that flavors our food, a bulb that lights up our lives.
And a socket that we connect our television to, the pen with which we sometimes take life-changing decisions, are all the smaller things in life we tend to take for granted and overlook. Remind people about the importance of such things, and spread a subtle message that teaches them to appreciate all the little things that come together to make life perfect.
This project may be the simplest of them all, as you don't have to spend too much time finding these things. They're all around you; all you have to do is know where to look.

Old and Forgotten

This is perhaps one of the most interesting ideas for a photography project. Scout for things that were once very popular, but are now obsolete and forgotten.
A gramophone, a vintage candlestick phone, a Walkman, a pocket watch, a VCR, wire frames (mannequins of older times), black and white television, or televisions with the antennae, etc. are all such objects you can look for and present in a unique manner. Try some black and white photography techniques to capture the real essence of your theme.
With your creativity, you could perhaps modify each of the aforementioned themes, and take them to a whole new level. Also, with the advent of digital photography, the way you present a photograph can be extraordinary and unparalleled.
These ideas should at least help you get started on your project and overcome that photographer's block. Give your project your best shot, and the results are bound to be exactly the way you want them to be.