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Mind-blowing Stop Motion Photography Pictures

Amruta Joshi

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Stop motion photography is a technique of capturing photos of moving objects.
Stop motion photos are eye pleasing.
Capturing bonfire is an amazing example of stop-motion photography.
Capturing snowfall is a beautiful idea for stop motion photos.
Stop motion is widely used technique in nature photography also.
Spill water from a glass and you have an awesome capture of stop motion.
J Stuart Blackton invented stop motion photography in lateĀ 1800s.
Because of its versatility, stop motion is very popular.
In this type of photography one frame is captured, and the subject is moved and then other frame is captured.
Moving vehicle is also a good idea.
You can capture a thrilling sport in a frame...
...and beautiful colors of the aircraft.
So start collecting stop motion photographs in your portfolio if not already taken some.