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Maternity Photography Ideas

Rujuta Borkar Mar 5, 2020
Maternity photography leads to not just an album, but an experience, and there are many things that you can go on to show in this medium. But we are aware that it can get really confusing, so to help you out, here are some simple maternity photo shoot tips that you can look into.
No other event can probably evoke the same feelings of unparalleled happiness and joy in a woman than pregnancy can. It's no surprise then that you will want to capture these moments forever and ever in the form of photos. But how should you go about it?
Are there special poses that you can don for best results? What will make for the most priceless snaps? Something so special that when you look at the snaps years later, you will be easily transported back to your pregnancy days?
Something that is so cherished, that you will go through the entire 9 months again and re-live every kick from the baby, the cravings during pregnancy, the soft satiny baby clothes and the emotional roller coaster ride, all over again? Maternity photos. That's what.
In theĀ further sections we will take you through some of the factors that can be considered when going in for maternity photography -- these include poses, location ideas, and varied experiments that you look into as well. What's more, there are several images that you can use as examples as well.

The Photographer

The photographer is really the most important factor when it comes to maternity photography. It is up to him/her to be able to create beautiful snaps.
Unless you are lucky to have a close friend or relative who is a professional photographer, you will have to hire one. Talk to the photographer beforehand. If there are any ideas that you want to incorporate into your shoot, then they need to be told before the shoot. Talking to them beforehand will help them know you and personalize your shoot.


The location factor will determine the kind of feel you want to give your photos.
You might want to choose a locale that is probably a part of your house, something which has a special meaning for you; or you might want to get out into the outdoors. Either which way, both indoor and outdoor locales have tremendous scope for maternity photography. Adding a few props and setting the right kind of lighting will further enhance the photos.
Some examples of favorite locations are,

~ Near a huge window with the light streaming in.
~ The beach, with the waves receding and advancing. Or you walking along with footmarks etching on the sand.

~ On a swing with vines and flowers enveloped around it.

~ In front of a mirror.


There are several maternity photography shoot props that one can use to enhance the photos further and give them a great appeal.
Props would include physical attributes that add to the photo and help convey a particular meaning. Here's a simple tip for you to remember, keep the props to a minimum and do not clutter the set with added props which are not serving any purpose at all. The focus is on your belly and pregnancy, not on the props. So go with that theme.
Some ideas for props :

~ A simple satin bed sheet that is spread against a wall or a white lace curtain that billows with the wind in the background, while you stand in front of it. Now that is simple and clean and every bit more meaningful.
~ Flowers covering your entire body with only the naked belly out. Red roses have an ethereal feel that cannot be paralleled easily.

~ A simple shot of baby booties on the belly works wonders as well (the booty color can be according to the sex of the baby)
~ You can also use people as props. If this is your 2nd pregnancy, then bringing your first child into the picture can add to the effect.
Similarly, a photo with the father of the baby in it is also very effective. The poses can vary from just hands on the belly or a back hug, to even a 'kiss on the belly' pose. All these work for both, the 1st child and the father.


The thing is, you don't have to stick to the tried and tested methods of photography. Experiment if you wish to. In fact, many photographers encourage it. Here are some things that you can try to experiment with and make your maternity photographs different.


Try shooting at different times of the day. A photo clicked in the morning sun will have a different connotation and feel to it than one that which is shot in the eve or the setting sun.

Film Color

Shoot in color, then sepia, then black and white and a thousand other shades. Thanks to technology.


Shoot from different angles and perspectives. Don't just stick to the belly shots, but choose a full portrait for one snap.
Then try an 'over the top' shot which is taken from above the woman's head so that it shows a picture of exactly how she sees her pregnancy. Then take a side profile, a low profile, a close up of the belly, a reflection shot in the mirror. There are so many angles that you can experiment with.


Now this really is the photographer's prerogative for providing you with a different kind of lighting for the shoot. It is for him to play with the lights. Subtle shades of lights or a spot light. Reflecting lights or natural lighting. Different lights create different effects.


Clothes can be a tough choice to make. Should you go with fitting clothes or loose clothes? That is up to you, really.
Some women are conscious of their extra weight so they don't like to wear clothes that are fitting, while others want to bring out the belly more. Listen to your photographer - maybe a particular frame will look good with you wearing flowing billowy clothes; and maybe another will be extremely effective if you are in more fitting maternity clothes.
Maternity photography snaps should make you well up and think back fondly to the time that you were pregnant. The right kind of techniques used and something that is done from the heart, is sure to bring about truly great results.
So here's hoping that you can use these maternity photography ideas and make your pregnancy journey come alive with the snaps. Congrats on your pregnancy and hope you have a good one (Now go click some great snaps to prove it)!