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How Web Stories Can Help Photographers to Earn Money Online

Manali Oak
As a photographer, you may be having pages on prominent social media platforms, where you post your work daily. You may have garnered a good following too, but remember, your photos are still confined to that particular platform.
The way to reach a wider user base is to get your work from social media platforms to the open web. And one good way for this is to promote your photography using Web Stories.
Web Stories rank in a dedicated section on Google’s 1st page. Thus, they help expand your reach and visibility online. Currently, Stories in the travel niche are ranking, those in other niches will start ranking soon.
If you are a photographer who does not have an online presence yet, take your work online, that too in the Web Stories format. If you already have a website, get the Web Stories feature on your website and promote yourself more effectively.
Why you ask? Obviously to take the advantage of the 1st page rankings of Web Stories. As a regular website with the article format, your pages may not rank due to the intense competition and saturation in this field.
However, Web Stories, being a new content format, there is no saturation there. So until the competition catches up, early adopters of this format have a high possibility to fetch rankings and thus increase their reach.
Additionally, Web Stories are a perfect fit for photographs, since they a mobile-focused format where images fill the entire mobile screen, thus creating a rich, immersive user experience.
So compile your photographs into Web Stories and create photo galleries of niches you specialize in. For example, if nature photography is your niche, put together the best of your nature photos into Web Stories. If you are an animal photographer, create different Stories for different animals you have photographed.
Since Web Stories rank on Google’s 1st page, your photography skills will reach a wider audience. And since they are mobile-first and immersive, they will engage the audience better.
Visual Stories gives you a hassle-free solution to get Web Stories on your own website or start a new website with this feature. The website is a Progressive Web App (PWA) i.e., a website and a mobile app. It is optimized for speed and search engine rankings and receives automatic feature updates.
How to Adopt Web Stories?
The technical implementation and the hosting, setup and maintenance of your website is handled by Visual Stories so that you can focus on creating content. Creating high-quality content will increase its possibility to rank.
To create Web Stories, you will get access to the Visual Story Builder, a Web Story creation tool (mobile-compatible, WYSIWYG) and a free media library. You will also be able to upload your own images and videos.
Ways to Earn Money Online
You can earn money from the ads in your Stories or by selling your work online.
  • AdSense Ads: Earn a share in the ad revenue.
  • Put Your Ads: Promote your work, let users know how to reach you, sell your work.
Earn from your website with Visual Stories by choosing the Revshare option, where you earn 75% of the revenue.
If you intend to sell your work, in your Stories, write content that promotes your work or your business. Include information about how people can reach you, so that those interested will be able to buy what you sell.
The first step to earn online is to be more visible on the open web, which is exactly where Web Stories can help you. Promote your work through Stories to generate leads and create good-quality content at a good frequency to achieve conversions.
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