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How Does a Digital Photo Frame Work

Foram Mehta
How does a digital photo frame display the picture you've just uploaded onto your PC? This device uses almost the same hardware that is found in your PC. Find out how a digital photo frame works here.
Digital photo frames are electronic gadgets which display image in the form of a full screen slide show that you see on your PC. It has an LCD screen while a few models are also equipped with music and video players. It follows the basic mechanism like a simple desktop computer. These frames look like expensive and affluent versions of ordinary photo frames.
It is very interesting to understand how a digital photo frame works. First let's look at how images are uploaded onto the device.

How Pictures are Uploaded

There are three ways in which digital photo frames can upload pictures onto themselves.
1. Internal Memory
The basic type of digital photo frame uploads pictures onto its internal memory. A PC or a camera can be plugged into the device so that the data can get transferred to the internal memory of the photo frame.
2. Memory card
Another common way of uploading pictures in a digital photo frame can be via a memory card. Most digital frames today come equipped with ports compatible with a memory card or a USB, which will then display all the pictures stored in these external devices.
3. Internet/Wi-Fi
In the advanced version of digital photo frames, pictures are uploaded onto the device using the Internet and Wi-Fi. To use the Internet or Wi-Fi to upload pictures, a prescribed button on the frame needs to be pressed, to activate the Internet connection.
It will then scan and pull out images that are not repeating from your PC and automatically upload it to the frame. This frame can also upgrade its current settings via the Internet, though no access to emails or websites is given. Many photo frames provide all the mentioned ways of uploading pictures.

Power Backup

Power can be supplied to these devices by either installing batteries or by using a power plug. Most photo frames provide both these sources for power supply. Power plugs are convenient to use when the photo frame is used throughout the day. Understanding how a digital photo frame works will help you in picking the right piece for your home or your office.

Choosing the Right Digital Photo Frame

To choose the right digital photo frame, think about the points that are going to be mentioned here and decide accordingly.
1. Identify Where You Want to Place it
First figure out where you want to place your frame. This will help you in choosing the right size and color of the photo frame. There are a host of sizes and colors to choose from.
2. Appearance
Look at the overall appearance of the photo frame and pick the one that matches the aesthetics of your decor. Pick up a frame with a higher picture resolution to improve the quality and clarity of the pictures. Photo frames can either have buttons or touch sensitive keys on them. Photo frames with touch sensitive keys look sleek and compact.
The source of the power supply can also affect the appearance. If a frame is receiving power through a power plug, it will have a wire attached with it. This wire will be clearly visible and will reduce its appeal.
Whereas, a wireless photo frame looks neater and classier, though one drawback being that the user will have to frequently charge the batteries installed inside.
3. Image Uploading Capacity
This is the most important point to be considered while picking up a digital photo frame. Check the inbuilt and the external memory capacity and accordingly pick the frame.
4. Other Features
Look for value added features like a music player, a video player, or an image editor installed in it. Analyze what functions you expect from the photo frame you want to buy, and then make the right choice.
Digital photo frames are simple and wonderful gadgets. They keep all your loved ones intact, right in front of your eyes. Gone are the days when you needed to keep several photo frames of your loved ones.
Now you only need one, it's more like an album which has the capacity to display pictures right from your childhood days, to your grand children's. It is a great gadget to keep in your room and also to gift someone you really love.