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Family Portrait Poses You Can Take Ideas From

Charlie S Mar 22, 2020
Don't we all just love posing while the camera goes clickety-click? Family portraits capture the closeness of the family, thus encapsulating the bonding as well as the extraordinary moments of fun.
A family is about radiating warmth, sharing emotions and personal space along with enjoying together. It is about the genuine laughter and smile from within. Smiling forcibly for the camera is passé, your photographs,  it should convey the right emotions without looking too formal.
Photography is no more about posing in the studio amidst artificial lights and settings. It is about capturing the moods and emotions inclusive of random moments of togetherness. It is about capturing the moments your family enjoys the most. Some ideas are given here.

A Lot Like Love

The best portrait would be the one that captures those memorable and unexpected moments of true emotions. Ask your photographer to spend a day with you and click the candid moments without your knowledge.

That's Why We Have Families

It is the joy in the heart that reflects on the face. Look at these pictures, they have the right mix of all the elements required for a good photograph. A little bit of mischief and a little bit of proximity makes for a perfect pose.

Cover 'Em Up

For a moment forget that the photographer is around you and live the moment. Use props like the ones used here to enhance the picture. A good way to cover up is hiding under a blanket ensuring that just about everyone is peeking from under the cover.

Piled Up

The best way to get everyone in the frame is to pile them up. Form a human pyramid as shown in the picture. If you have older children, arrange them in the ascending order of their height so that their faces are visible.

At The Table

It is true that meal times get the family together and that's exactly where we take our cue from. For a pleasant change set the table outside, on the porch or the backyard and get ready for a picture perfect moment.

All For One

Coordinate your outfits, ask your family members to wear the same color. You can even wear dark-colored outfits that blend with the background when you are taking a photograph with your baby, so that the emphasis is on your baby.

A Little Naughty

Doesn't the picture say it all? Just observe the comfort level that reflects in the picture. This is what makes the picture so natural. A family is all about enjoying each others company and the only way to get the best picture is to avoid pretense and be natural.

When You're Happy Within

Get your family lined up on the stairs or the driveway. This setup ensures that each and every member is visible. Besides, you get a picture that looks genuine.

In a Sporty Mood

Get your bikes and helmets and strike a pose with 'em. Try to do something that you haven't tried before. You can even try getting under water for a photo shoot. Get the family on a trampoline and capture the moment when everyone is in action.

One Happy Family

For a fabulous picture, ensure that the image fills up the frame completely. Make everyone come as close to each other as possible, as in the pictures above.

Bonding Across Generations

Bring together different generations under one frame. You can get the family to pose showing the bonds shared between a mother and her daughter or a father and his son.

Extended Family

Won't your family picture be incomplete without your furry babies? You can get all cuddly with them or make them sit obediently by your side during the photo shoot. Try out all the poses, with your pets. After all, they are your family too!

Huddled Together

The key here, is proxemics, and you have to play around grouping people. Get some to stand at an angle, and others to stand/sit facing the camera. Make the children sit on the lap of the elders or hunch over a bit thus adding dimension to your photograph.
"In each family a story is playing itself out, and each family's story embodies its hope and despair." ~ Auguste Napier

Your family portrait is your family story after all, you better get it right.