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Ideas for a Memorable Family Portrait

Aparna Jadhav
Family portraits help to capture the fantastic moments spent with family. Every household would love to have a portrait of their family hung on the living room wall for guests to admire when they enter the house. Read ahead for some great family portrait ideas.
A family is the most important part of everybody's life.They care for you and know every part of you. Wouldn't you like to capture all this love and care in one big photo frame and call it your family portrait?
These portraits are not only for the guests to see and admire, they also symbolize the feeling of unity and a sense of belonging of the family members towards each other. If you want to get your family portrait, we can help you with some simple but attractive ideas.

Creative Portrait Ideas for Family

A family portrait need not be a plain photo shoot in a studio, with all the family members dressed in good clothes, standing around their grandparents and parents giving a big smile.
It can be taken at any of your family's favorite places with all your family members laughing and posing. A family portrait gives an idea of how exactly your family is altogether. Take a look at the following ideas and modify them as per your choice.
➤ First of all, you need to look for a good photographer if you don't have one in the family. Do some homework on all his photography skills and styles and discuss it with your family.
➤ Fix the time and date of the photograph with your family and the photographer and make sure everybody's there.
➤ Dressing up is a must for a family photograph, so fix the color scheme for clothes, and co-ordinate with each family member. Choose bright colors if you're taking a day light picture but avoid blacks as it is a very common color for most family portraits.
➤ Family portraits in the painting or canvas form are also popular with many families.
➤ A black and white theme gives your family a retro look and also looks beautiful for a portrait.
➤ Discuss a location with your family, like a park or simply your garden with your house in the background.
➤ You can also have the picture taken in one of your family's favorite places when you go on a holiday. If you want to get the picture clicked in a studio, then you can choose a decent background. To keep the photo simple, you can choose to have a curtain as the background and have the light settings the way you want them to be.
➤ Now that you have chosen the best photographer, decided the location, coordinated everyone's clothes, your family portrait is just a click away. Ask the photographer for the settings and decide on the poses of all the members, before clicking the picture.
➤ When the portrait is delivered you can hang it either in the living room or in a common room where it can gel with the interiors.

Outdoor Family Portrait Options

Outdoors can be a great location for a family portrait. Read ahead for some ideas on outdoor portraits.
➤ Taking family portraits outdoors is a great way to include the natural light and capture the scenic beauty.
➤ You can choose locations like a seaside with a lighthouse in the background or seagulls flying around the seashore. Your family sitting on the sand with waves flowing by can also make a great portrait.
➤ You can choose a garden with a small waterfall behind you. Coordinate your clothes with the specific color scheme.
➤ A forest or a lake would be an ideal outdoor location.
➤ You can also choose to click your family portrait during a wedding or other family functions as these occasions help capture many unforgettable moments.
➤ Ask the photographer to click the picture in various angles and dimensions. A few clicks of the portrait are required to choose the most attractive and beautiful picture.
These were some unique ideas for family portrait you can use if you want to get your family captured in a frame. If you are a person full of creativity, you can come up with your own ideas. Family portraits are a beautiful way to keep treasured memories alive forever.