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Family Photo Outfit Ideas

Naomi Sarah
With these family photo outfit ideas you can pose either in style, casually, or in something more upbeat and fun. Try these suggestions out to make your family photographs unique and memorable...
Taking a family photo is a nice way of encapsulating a moment in time and having it put up as a blown up portrait on the wall, or as a nice framed photography for everyone to keep. In case of unplanned photo shoot, you will barely get any time to think and decide about what you want to wear.
Now with family portraits becoming popular and more elaborate as time has passed, people want to make it more interesting, with an element in the picture that stands out among the mediocre methods of family photo outfit ideas.
Even venue ideas are played around with, with families ditching the four walled studio for a place that is either of sentimental value, or one that makes a picture translate into something unusual and fun to look back on.
Here we'll sift through some great ideas on how you can dress up to look great in a picture, to help loved ones and family keep a memento of the good days trapped within a frame for posterity.

Family Picture Outfit Ideas

Find out how you can experiment with these family photo ideas, to help you figure out exactly what you and your family would love to play out while partaking in a portrait photograph.
You can all dress up in similar casual outfits, like white t-shirts and denims, either as long loose/fitted jeans, hot pants, skirts or even the jumpsuit kind.
You can pick a day outside in the park, or at the beach, and have the photographer catch you in a setting where everyone is relaxed and happy. The best time to take this is an hour before the sun sets, to catch that nice orange-ish hue just as the sun dips below the horizon.

Theme It Up

An amusing suggestion is to have everyone dress up following a certain theme. Like say if it were an outdoor shot, with the circus as your backdrop, then each of you could dress up as clowns, and maybe play out a trick a two.
Or if you went with a zoo theme, you could all dress up in khaki outfits with hats to match, making it look like a safari adventure. How about posing next to an elephant maybe for more effect?
You could always choose your outfit depending on the place you pick out, to make it seem more fun that way. Traveling to other locations and getting a family photo done is more fun, be it in hot sunny Africa or somewhere nestled in the Alps.
Formal Wear
Most people love to go with the formal theme idea, since it gives you a chance to dress up and look your fanciest. Men can sport tuxedos, or dinner jackets and women can clad themselves in cocktail dresses, or long flowing ones.
You can play it up a bit by including a backdrop that is grand or has a plush setting, to give it an elegant and colorful feel. Choose places that would complement your outfit, and don't let it clash with an ordinary backdrop set up.

1960s Fashion

You could play the part of someone from the 60s by sporting suits/dresses that are Jackie Kennedy-esque - maybe the old-fashioned bouffant silk dresses - or the infamous shirtwaist dress that marked the 60s as the most popular in its time.
Men and boys can play around with plaid or the 'Seersucker suit', which comes in patterns of checkered or striped. It would embody that old-fashioned twist. Style your hair and make up to resemble the same, men too with gel infused hair.
The outfits would make the photograph stand out since you can choose a modern-day backdrop to have that obvious contrast between what you're wearing and where you are.

At Home

How about dressing down for the portrait and have the family do something more home based instead. Like posing in the kitchen sporting aprons and cooking hats, with freshly baked muffins or cakes crowding the counters.
You could enact a family togetherness of cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Mom's baking, kids decorating treats, husband busy grilling some steak on the side. It would make it look like the family is actively involved in a home activity, and having fun doing so.
Include interesting and colorful aprons and hats in the family photo outfit ideas theme, to make it pop and take in the colors in an otherwise normal backdrop, that is, the kitchen.
These photo ideas for outfits can highlight a bunch of very intriguing ideas, that can even make you combine fun elements of this and that. It's nice to have a moment of fun and frolic caught in still motion, to have something to look back on, especially when loved ones and family part or pass on from this life.
Have a portrait taken on special occasions too to look back on, so that you have framed photographs that speak volumes, and of course look great. Don't forget to say cheese!