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What is Catalog Photography?

Stephen Rampur
With the changing trend of buyers and e-commerce websites all over wooing consumers, is your catalog the first ticket to your product sales? Catalog photography would change the way one perceives your brand.
Manufacturing companies have always tried their best to attract prospective consumers to their products and increase margins. It is a well-known and proven fact that if products and services are presented effectively to people, they have a better chance of being sold substantially.
One of the many useful ways of promoting and advertising products is using catalogs. And when it comes to advertising, there arises a question of how to go about it.
In simple terms, it refers to the using of product pictures for advertising. You can say that this is a section of advertising photography. The primary focus is to enhance the attractiveness of the product displayed, so that potential consumers will find it more fascinating.
Moreover, the picture also gives a clear visual of what the product is like. This expected clarity can only be achieved if substantial detail of the product is focused on. The product can be anything ranging in eatables, grocery, household items, appliances, etc.


Before going on with the final take, you need to consider some important points that will enhance the visual and detail of the product. You do have the choice of using just the product or with a background. As per business sale records, it is concluded that products which do not have backgrounds are likely to sell more than those with backgrounds.
You can discuss with your advertising team and choose which concept would be most suitable. Also important is the lighting and dimension of the product pictured.
Try to give the product a more dimensional look, such that the viewer will feel that it is actually kept in front of him. You should also give thought to which design you would consider using. There are many different designs available at the agency providing the service.
However, it is recommended to not use those designs as they might be used by other companies. Coming up with your own ideas for the designs would really make the catalog unique. Also, try not to click the picture with a group of other products, as that will decrease the focus and attention each individual product is supposed to get.


When it comes to pricing; it depends on a wide range of factors, such as the type of product, agency, group shots, or background modifications, etc. If the product is a portable one, the prices will be less as compared to those for a product which requires a considerable space, like a car. The agency may even charge more if you opt for colorful backgrounds or group shots.
This is just a basic explanation on catalog photography. Remember that in this type of pitching, a clean visual and detail of the product is most important.