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How to Choose a Digital Photo Frame

Searching for the best digital photo frame? Here are some tips which will help you choose the best piece amongst the number of varieties available in the market.
Mamta Mule
Digital picture frames are the ultimate way to store those special moments you shared with your loved ones. With digital pictures you need not worry about the photo prints being damaged or torn after a few years.
When you not only get a piece to store those selective snaps but also get to display them all in a slideshow, it is definitely a great piece of technology to invest in. These digital photo frames also make the best gifts for birthdays and anniversaries.
If you are planning to shop for one such best one, then doing a bit of research needs no mention. Before you search for the various options available in these, let us understand the basic things to consider while you're shopping.

Frame Dimensions

The basic factor is the frame size. Larger the frame, higher the size. Find out one ranging from screen size of 1.5 inch which are usually photo key chains to those having a wide-screen of 20 inches. The average sizes ranging from 7- 12 inches are popular picks.
You can choose the size depending upon its placements. For instance, knowing if you are going to place it on a desktop or mount it on the wall can help you choose the right size.

Higher Resolution

Resolution is the next factor that needs to be considered to pick the best one. A crisp, sharp, and high quality picture is what you want to see on this photo frame, right? So choosing one with higher resolution is important.
During your hard search, you might come across frames with lower resolution, but larger screen size and added features. Well, let me tell that you should, in no case settle for lower resolution frames! So simply consider frames that offer a resolution of 640 by 480 or higher.
Apart from the resolution, you must also look for the aspect ratio. One with 4:3 aspect ratio is known to be the ideal one for photographs clicked using point-and-shoot cameras.

Essential Add-ons

Well, now that you have a few pieces shortlisted on the basis of the 'must-have' specifications, here are a few more additions that can make the frame an ultimate device. Most of the pieces in higher end slot have these features built-in, and offer a lot more than what a simple one does.
Those with a built-in camera and video recorder can make a perfect digital photography package. Most of these are able to play background music which can be added to the slideshows. So these also come with built-in speakers. 
Those having facility of playing videos also have features like TV-out and earphones which allow you to listen to the audio and watch videos on the television set. With Bluetooth technology support you can send and receive pictures from your computer, mobiles and other devices. Choosing a piece with basic photo editing features needs no mention.

Other Features

Other features include the hardware provided for rightly setting the frame on your desktop or mounting it over the wall. With the adjustable rear stand that comes with most of the frames, set the frame in various angles, tilt it, adjust it as required for better viewing experience.
A remote control can be great piece to have with the package as this offers you the ease of accessing the images, videos and other features. Also look for Wi-Fi facilities that many frames offer today.

Read the Reviews

There are a number of options available in these which makes choosing one a really tough task. With varied specifications that each one has and a number of features that each one offers, marking 'what is the best' becomes a tough job! So you need to know what are the basic features you need and what are the features you can do without. 
This will help you shortlist a few pieces. Once you have shortlisted a few, check the reviews and ratings. Of course, you should also check out the price, search for the best deals and see what fits right in your budget.
With every new launch, you can have a piece offering new and exciting features. With the touch screens making the most desirable gadgets, you can find many touchscreen frames as well. So stay updated about the new launches and upcoming models if you want to own the best one. Ready to shop for that ultimate piece of technology?