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Web Stories: The New Way to Create Photography Blogs

Amulya Kalyanshetti
Wondering about how to start a photography blog and grow your digital presence? Web Stories is your surefire trick to create fast-loading, immersive, tap-though and visually-vibrant content on the web.
Blogging is like creating your own brand on the World Wide Web. A ‘photoblog’ or ‘photolog’ is blogging, using photographs. With evolution in the way information is sought and consumed, the content creation format has significantly advanced.
Tech giant Google’s Web Stories is one such innovative content format. They are Instagram/Snapchat-like Stories, that are fast-loading, mobile focused, tap-through, search engine friendly and load full screen content on mobiles. Thus, blogging in this format is the need of the hour.

A Truth That is not Harsh

Web Stories load faster than regular web pages and since Google has started doubling down on them, creating a photography blog for beginners and other bloggers in the Stories format has a great potential to rank higher in search engines.

For Many Are Called, but Few Are Chosen

Advent of Web Stories has made it easier for people from all walks of life to start a photography blog to share their perspective and depth of field with the world. The Story format lets you attach a different image per slide.

Behind the Scenes

Elliott Erwitt rightly said, '‘Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.'’ All you need to do is to be ready with the photos you want to share.

Your Story Needs to Be Heard

Photojournalism has been made easy with Web Stories. Ask questions and address reality. Let each slide raise a question or send out a message. Give the readers an immersive experience, thus, increasing user engagement levels.

Show Your Best, Not Your All

Start your own, niche specific photoblog in the Stories format on a varied range of topics like animals and pets, hobbies and arts (photography tips and tricks, artwork and DIY craft ideas), travelogues, decor, food, lifestyle, etc. You just need an apt tool to do so.

Because Your Photos Deserve To Be Seen

The Web Story Builder by Visual Stories is a professional, intuitive interface that is driven by latest technologies and delivers modern user experiences. Just sign up and start your own visual bog on the different categories offered by the Visual Stories network.

Consistency Is the Key and Not Redundancy

Get over the hustle of cropping images in the apt sizes in photo editing softwares as the Story Builder tool lets you upload and crop images in the required sizes in the tool itself.
Blog smart. Photoblog the Stories way! Grow your online presence like never before. As, Bruno Barbey rightly said, ‘'Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world.’'