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Aerial Beach Photography Pictures with Quick Tips

Amruta Joshi
Aerial photography is the technique of capturing photographs from an aircraft or other flying object.

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Here are some amazing aerial beach photographs with clear tips.
For aerial beach photography, choose your aircraft wisely.
When you book your flight, consider the time of day and the angle of the sun.
Use telephoto zoom lens for perfect click.
Fast shutter speed is key to capture aerial photographs, maintain a shutter speed above 1/500.
Keep autofocus and bracketing "ON".
Don't stop shooting. Just click, click and click.
Use an aperture between f/5 and f/11 for amazing capture.
If you’re shooting through an open window, don’t be tempted to rest your camera on the window sill to avoid vibrations.
Lower altitude is better for adjusting background.
Use an advanced polarizing filter.
Use these tips and techniques for your photoshoot.