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A Couples Guide To Documentary Style Wedding Photography

simon donnelly Feb 29, 2020
Often coupled with natural and traditional styles, documentary wedding photography is also known as Reportage or Photo-journalistic Wedding Photography.
It's a much more informal approach which creates images similar to those editorial features you see in magazines.
Documentary wedding photography can lead to great results, spontaneous moments or thoughtful reflections all adding to the complete story of your day.
For me, shooting this kind of work is fun. I basically need to sneak shots and only be seen after taking pictures as they unfold around me. Shots should cover a spectrum of emotions.
I normally use long lenses taking pictures candidly, mingling in with the other guests so I can't be seen, sniper shots can be gems and give an almost filmatic look and so it should when its one of the biggest events in someone's life you want to look like a superstar. Check out some examples of documentary style wedding photography.